Netflix movie of the day: Bone Tomahawk is a strange and brutal genre-blender

A brave sheriff leads a squabbling posse in pursuit of a cannibalistic clan in the Netflix…

You can now chat with Google’s Gemini AI even when your Android phone is locked

Google Gemini AI will answer questions on Android phones when they are locked.

This is what a monstrous motherboard with 48 DDR5 memory slots looks like — it can support a staggering 24TB RAM using Samsung’s 512GB DDR5 memory modules

Gigabyte R283-ZK0 motherboard fits a standard 2U width but can support a staggering 24TB RAM.

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 6 already looks old, thanks to Xiaomi’s first flip phone

Xiaomi has released the first specs and images for its new Mix Flip phone –and it…

Apple’s rumored webcam switch in MacBook Pro M5 might be the first step towards the ‘thinpossible’ laptop dream

We know Apple has big plans to make all its devices thinner, and a new camera…

Rite Aid reveals data breach impacted 2.2 million customers

Customer names and driver license numbers among data stolen in June 2024 cyberattack on Rite Aid.

Apache HugeGraph users told to patch immediately to stay safe from this dangerous bug

Shadowserver saw criminals scanning for vulnerable endpoints to exploit Apache HugeGraph bug.

Windows 11 24H2 update may not turn up until late in the year – and given how many plates Microsoft is spinning, that wouldn’t surprise us

Can’t wait for the big 24H2 update? Well, you might have to, and we can readily…