Deadpool 3 will see Hugh Jackman return as Wolverine ‘one more time’

Ryan Reynolds has confirmed on Twitter that Hugh Jackman will reprise his role as Wolverine for…

Microsoft is doing away with passwords for Azure Virtual Desktop

Azure Virtual Desktop users will get a unified sign-in experience without using passwords.

SSD could hasten demise of HDD as price parity looms in 2023

Hard drives sales could evaporate as SSD prices set to drop even further in 2023.

Google Play Store and Apple Store adware downloaded millions of times

Dozens of apps found spreading adware across Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Samsung just launched a credit card – but you probably won’t be able to get one

Samsung has partnered with Visa and India's Axis Bank to offer consumer cashback on its own…

The best iPadOS 16 feature is coming to non-M1 iPads

Apple updated the still-in-beta iPadOS 16 to bring Stage Manager to a pair of older iPad…

Skullcandy is ready to go after your gaming ears – again

Skullcandy's latest headphones potentially offer solid performance at a decent price.

This devious malware is pretending to be gaming cheats, so watch out

Gamers are at risk of losing sensitive data, and possibly even money.