How to show and hide line numbers in Notepad++

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Notepad++ is a very popular Notepad replacement and source code editor that is very powerful and has a ton of features. Unfortunately, these features do come with a price as some of its basic preferences are hidden in the settings for the program.

As I use Notepad++ a lot and take screenshots of code inside it, I sometimes disable the display of line numbers in the editor window.  Unfortunately, this means I usually forget how to enable them again. Due to this, I decided to write a quick little tutorial that can help others who wish to show, or hide, line numbers in Notepad++.

To show or hide line numbers in the editor screen of Notepad++, open the program so that you are at the main screen as shown below.

Notepad++ Window
Notepad++ Window

Now click on the Settings menu and select the Preferences... option.  You should now be at the General preferences screen as shown below.

General Settings Page
General Preferences Page

On the left of the preference screen are different categories of settings that you can select. Click on the Editing category once so that it becomes highlighted.  You should now be at the Editing preferences screen as shown below.

Editing Settings Page
Editing Preferences Page

To show line numbers in Notepad++, put a checkmark in the checkbox labeled Display line number, as indicated by the blue arrow.  If you wish to hide line numbers in Notepad++, remove the checkmark from this box instead. When ready, click on the Close button to save the changes. Depending on whether you checked or unchecked that box, Notepad++ will now display line numbers.

As an example, I have put a checkmark in the Display Line number box, and as you can see below, Notepad++ now displays a number for each line of text.

Notepad++ Showing Line Numbers
Notepad++ Showing Line Numbers