Graphene and Silly Putty mix to create powerful sensors

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We all knew Silly Putty was special --  the elastic-y, liquid-y toy is tons of fun to use.

Well, now it has scientific applications, also. Researchers have discover that Silly Putty, when mixed with graphene, has some unusual properties. I wonder what other kids toys are secret scientific materials?

In IT Blogwatch, it's time to learn something new.

What exactly is going on? Sophie Bushwick has the background:

It’s easy to dismiss Silly Putty as a kid’s toy. But...when you mix Silly Putty with graphene -- strong, conductive carbon sheets with unusual physical properties -- it becomes an incredibly sensitive strain detector that can track blood pressure, heart rate, and even a spider’s footsteps.

Graphene. Isn't that the super strong wonder material? Daniela Hernandez fills us in:

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