Uber puts breaks on self-driving cars in California

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Quick question: Who here gets frustrated with the DMV?

After the last week, we know that Uber certainly does. The company just lost a public battle with the California Department of Motor Vehicles over whether its self-driving cars could operate on San Francisco roads. Who would you side with?

In IT Blogwatch, the DMV becomes interesting. 

So what is going on? Greg Bensinger has the background:

Uber...on Wednesday relented in a...battle with California regulators over self-driving cars, halting a test program in San Francisco after the state revoked the registration of the vehicles involved.
Uber started the experiment a week earlier, making several of its self-driving vehicles available for customers to hail...But it refused to apply for the $150 permit from the California Department of Motor Vehicles.

What exactly was the disagreement over, though? Sudhin Thanawala has the details:

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