Newest MacBook Pros fail to earn a Consumer Reports recommendation — here’s why

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Online reviews are a dime a dozen these days, but few outlets so thoroughly test new products as Consumer Reports.

That is why it is a big deal that the magazine has denied its coveted "recommended" rating to Apple's newest MacBook Pro lineup. And the devices have failed the Consumer Reports tests for one very specific reason.

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So what is going on? Kif Leswing has the background:

Consumer Reports...says Apple's new MacBook Pros have problems with consistent battery life...As a result, Apple's latest laptops are the first...not to receive a "recommended" rating.
Apple's latest batch of laptops...have had reports of inconsistent battery life since they were released...It's unusual because Apple was well-known in the past for underpromising...battery life.

How does Consumer Reports come to its conclusions? Luckily, they gave us a rundown of the process. Mikey Campbell shares the details:

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