Instagram trying nudity blurring to stop 'sextortion'

The platform will use AI-powered systems to detect nude images and identify sextortion accounts.source

Samsung profits jump by more than 900% on chips

Chip prices recover from a post-pandemic slump while demand for AI-related products booms.source

Google looks to AI paywall option, claims report

Search giant is reportedly considering charging for premium features in a major shake-up.source

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Tech Life: Charging electric bikes and scooters

What can be done to make charging them safer?source

Temu U-turns on terms of cash 'giveaway' offer

The retailer changes what it can do with customer data after privacy concerns were raised.source

Payout for Uber Eats driver over face scan bias case

A black delivery driver’s account was removed after facial-recognition software failed to recognise him.source

Apple, Meta and Google to be investigated by the EU

If they are found to have broken the rules, the firms could be fined up to…