customers targeted in major new phishing campaign hotel accounts used in elaborate phishing schemes aimed at stealing people’s money.

Bing AI chat messages are being hijacked by ads pushing malware

Be careful when clicking sponsored links recommended by Bing.

Proton builds its very own privacy-first CAPTCHA system

The cybersecurity firm describes it as "the world's first" censorship-resistant CAPTCHA that can access its VPN…

Chinese hackers stole 60,000 US government emails in Microsoft breach

More details about Storm-0558’s spring attack against the State Department emerge.

The makers of MOVEit have patched another major security flaw

The WS_FTP Server product was found to be vulnerable in multiple ways, with two flaws being…

Amazon wants to offer your business a whole host of generative AI models for AWS

AWS looks to gear up towards the future of AI.

UltraRAM go! Here’s a glimpse at what the future of memory and storage could look like if this UK startup succeeds

Quinas is being backed by the UK government to bring its cutting-edge memory technology to the…

Scientists want to add broadband technology to your brain — but it’s not what you think

Known as biphasic quasistatic brain communication, the technology will boost the body’s own electronic signaling system.