DuckDuckGo offers an all-in-one privacy package combining a VPN, identity theft protection and information removal

The privacy-oriented browser introduces new features to help people protect their identities on the internet.

AT&T admits data breach, and 51 million customers are affected

Significantly down from the initial 70m reported, but still plenty of victims.

Watch out for these fake messaging apps on Android – they could be spying on you

Threat actors were targeting people in Pakistan and India with information-stealing Android malware.

Intel CPUs are still vulnerable to Spectre threats

Researchers find new ways to grab data from CPUs and they call them InSpectre Gadget.

This new PowerShell malware looks like it was written by AI

Researchers find telltale signs of GenAI use in new malware code.

Hackers look to trick GitHub users with intricate malware

Hackers have found a way to keep a malicious repository front and center at all times.

Bitdefender now has identity protection for Gmail and Outlook

Bitdefender's Digital Identity Protection service now integrates with Gmail and Outlook, expanding its monitoring capabilities.

Thousands of Social Security numbers stolen from government firm

Details of attack are beginning to emerge, as Greylock McKinnon Associates notifies affected individuals.