Next potential Minecraft mob will make my farming life so much easier

Every year Minecraft players vote on a new mob to be added to the sandbox game…

Microsoft Office 365 will soon make it a lot easier to flag security threats

Better categorization of security threats should provide a welcome Office 365 boost.

The new Witcher game has multiplayer, and its worlds build themselves

Spin-off Witcher game Project Sirius will feature procedurally generated environments.

Microsoft warns Exchange users over password spray attacks

Crooks are trying out endless username/password combos until one eventually works

Atlassian is being actively exploited to compromise corporate networks

US Government urges organizations to patch their endpoints immediately.

Canonical unveils free personal Ubuntu Pro subscriptions

Ubuntu Pro (and an Infra-only version) are set to boost security, stability, and compliance.

Western Digital’s new SanDisk SSD is its fastest and toughest yet

Western Digital's SanDisk PRO-G40 SSD has an IP68 rating, 2700MB/s write speed, and is compatible with…

Google Cloud launches AI-powered medical imaging platform

New Google Cloud medical platform is designed to shift the focus back onto patient care.