Apple’s delayed AirPods now available to buy online

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Apple is releasing its wire-free Bluetooth AirPods in time for Christmas, skating under the wire juuuuust barely by making them available to order online today with an initial ship date of December 21.

AirPods will also be available in Apple Stores on December 21, Buzzfeed reports.

Apple announced the AirPods back in September alongside the headphone jack-less iPhone 7 and 7 Plus, positioning the $159 earphones as the perfect accessory. But then the pre-announced shipping date—sometime in October—came and went with no AirPods to be seen. Rumors swirled last week that Apple was troubleshooting connectivity issues with the AirPods, which operate independently of each other. The earphones are unusual in that they lack buttons for controlling the volume and song playback, instead relying on double taps and Siri commands.

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