Dead Rising 4 review: Slay ride

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There’s an old game review cliché. Maybe you’ve heard it: “Fans of the series will love [INSERT GAME].” It’s overused shorthand for saying there are issues with a game, but the diehard fans, the true believers, will probably overlook those problems and enjoy themselves regardless.

Dead Rising 4 is the exact opposite. Fans of Dead Rising are most likely going to loathe this game, and what Capcom’s done with the series. Everyone else? Well, let’s talk.

Frank West is comin’ to town

We don’t often hear about video games “selling out” like musicians—and I mean that in the “Giving up their principles for a paycheck” way, not physically selling out of copies. For the most part, the games industry doesn’t really work that way. Big-budget games are conceived of as big-budget games from the start, while most indie developers are content to stay independent (or at least mostly independent).

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