IDG Contributor Network: And there she goes, HPE jettisons both OpenStack and Cloud Foundry initiatives

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If there was anyone who wasn’t previously scratching their head about HPE’s strategy, this latest move should be enough…

What to say? First a disclosure. I was an early investor (in fact, the first external investor) in Appsecute, an operations management company that was acquired by ActiveState to roll into its Stackato PaaS product. Stackato is (was?) a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) offering based on the Cloud Foundry open source initiative and Cloud Foundry is generally regarded as the PaaS that is winning in that sector today.

Hewlett Packard (as it was called then) saw the future value in PaaS, especially as a peripheral offering to its Helion OpenStack product and it acquired Stackato and started the process to build the PaaS business. And then it all got messy. HP split itself into two companies and the infrastructure part of the businesses, HPE, begun a kind of radioactive isotope dance, splitting itself into ever smaller pieces. As an experiment, to find out what the half life of a once great tech vendor is, it is interesting. But for those who have been watching the space for years, it is a sad, ignoble end.

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