Samsung SmartThings Water Leak Sensor review: A cheap detector that leans on its ecosystem

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When shopping for a smart water leak sensor, you can either pay more for lots of extra features, or opt for a basic device that simply sends alerts to your phone.

Samsung’s SmartThings Water Leak sensor falls into the latter camp. At $40 per sensor, it’s on the inexpensive side for flood detection. But on its own, it’s also limited in its ability to detect and alert you to hazardous conditions.

Setting up the sensor

The SmartThings Water Leak sensor requires a $100 SmartThings hub, but once you’ve set that up, pairing the sensor is dead-simple. Pop off the rear cover and remove the plastic tab from the battery, and the sensor enters pairing mode. You then instruct the SmartThings app to find new devices, and the rest happens automatically. By default, SmartThings will send push notifications when the sensor detects water, but you can also plug in a phone number for SMS alerts.

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